Current account with credit card (including comparison).

Linking the current account and credit card together and offering them as a complete package is only logical and can save costs. Acceptance of cashless means of payment is also increasing from year to year. More and more banks are therefore offering their customers credit cards as an (sometimes free) additional service. for clarification

The credit card is on the rise

The credit card is on the rise

In Germany, the credit card has to be ranked as a means of payment: both cash and EC cards are more popular with Germans. However, the demographic change means that the credit card has become more popular in the recent past – as is also shown by the acceptance in German branches and even nationwide discounters. The cards are mostly issued by Visa and Mastercard, which work with banks to ensure that they are billed to the current account.

The increasing popularity can also be seen with a view to the banks. In particular due to the low interest rate environment, they try to increase their customer loyalty and profitability by offering private and business customers additional services: the credit card is one of these services. Inevitably, a credit card must always be linked to an account, from which the amount due is then debited – this usually happens once a month. Until then, the balance will be managed on a debt basis. Credit card holders can use their own credit limits freely, the “debts” accrued are then paid in full once a month.

Why a credit card to a checking account makes sense

Why a credit card to a checking account makes sense

Credit cards are one of the most popular means of payment worldwide, even if they never quite arrived in Germany, such as in the USA.

If you claim an offer that combines the credit card and the checking account, you will first get all the advantages of the credit card itself:

  • worldwide acceptance, unlike the very limited EC card
  • a delayed billing
  • to withdraw cash cheaply abroad

In addition, credit cards are also necessary in many individual cases, for example if a deposit for the rental car has to be paid. The provider can then block the amount due on the card, but there is no actual debit – this gives the provider its desired security, but you do not have to make an advance payment. Last but not least, many credit cards also offer a cashback or bonus system. This would effectively recover some of the costs paid by credit card.

It is always sensible to use the credit card as part of an additional service. Normally, credit cards come with annual fees, which banks usually waive if they are applied for together with a checking account. At the same time, there is a fixed contact person, the appropriate account for debiting is also specified.

For you as a user, the credit card is similar to an EC card: it would be free of charge to a current account and can be used freely. Applying for a current account is child’s play. In most cases, simply adding an additional check is sufficient. Of course, no one is forced to use the card, so it remains a voluntary service even in connection with the current account.

Regardless of this, the credit card must have a sufficiently high credit rating. The combination of checking account and credit card can also be an advantage at this point if the checking account is also used as a salary account and thus indirectly increases the credit limit on the credit card.

In return, it is equally conceivable for people with poor creditworthiness that the bank offers a credit card as an additional service, but does not issue it because of its poor creditworthiness. However, the likelihood of receiving a credit card together with a checking account is always higher than if the card was requested separately.

Possible restrictions on a credit card to a checking account

Possible restrictions on a credit card to a checking account

An obvious limitation is that you are then tied to the selection at the bank. You can only receive the credit card for the current account, which is offered by the bank with its respective services and conditions. However, it is conceivable that a different, “free” credit card may be cheaper or simply offer additional services. That could be insurance policies or a better cashback. Applying for the credit card together with the checking account is the most convenient, but does not necessarily have to be the best option.

You should continue to probe the market and make sure that other credit cards would not suit your needs much better. Possible criteria for this are:

  • Cashback amount
  • whether it is a Visa or Mastercard (Visa has a slightly higher acceptance)
  • whether insurance is automatically included
  • what fees are payable when working abroad
  • Access to airport lounges

Cost factors such as the annual fee, other fees for claiming benefits and interest must be compared in particular . Ultimately, the credit card must stand on its own two feet so that it remains an attractive option. If this is the case, applying for a credit card together with the checking account can be a very convenient solution for you if you no longer want to do without a credit card. There are many offers for this, mainly from the direct banks – both the Comdirect and the Litebank, to name just two examples, offer their own combination solutions between credit card and checking account.

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